Keynote Speakers

Bandos I. Supersymmetric action for multiple D0-brane system
Curado E. M. F.  Helstrom bound with non-standard coherent states
Harko T.    Extended theories of gravity
Liang S.-D. Probing non-commutative quantum mechanics by nanoscale physics
Mignemi S. Advances on Snyder spacetime
Mostafazadeh A.       Energy observable for a quantum system with a dynamical state space and a geometric extension of quantum mechanics
Nikitin A.G. Supersymmetry and superintegrabilitry of PDM Schroedinger equations
Novosyadlyj B. Dark sector in cosmology: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Dark Ages
Sorokin D. On goldstone fields of spin higher than 1/2
Starobinsky A. Inflation and pre-inflation in scalar-tensor and f(R) gravity
Zolotaryuk A. Contact interactions in quantum mechanics