21-23 December 2020
Online meeting
Europe/Kiev timezone

Probing and manipulating valley coherence of dark excitons in WSe$_2$ monolayer

23 Dec 2020, 09:00
Online meeting

Online meeting

Invited talk Condensed Matter Physics Condensed Matter Physics


Dr Artur Slobodeniuk (Charles University)


Monolayers of semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides are two-dimensional direct-gap systems that host tightly-bound excitons with an internal degree of freedom corresponding to the valley of the constituting carriers. Strong spin-orbit interaction and the resulting ordering of the spin-split subbands in the valence and conduction bands makes the lowest-lying excitons in WX$_2$ (X being S or Se) spin-forbidden and optically dark. This results in their long lifetime, making them potentially interesting for valleytronics. With polarization-resolved photoluminescence experiments performed on a WSe$_2$ monolayer encapsulated in a hexagonal boron nitride, we demonstrate how the intrinsic exchange interaction in combination with the applied in-plane and perpendicular magnetic fields enables one to probe and manipulate the valley degree of freedom of the dark excitons.

Primary author

Dr Artur Slobodeniuk (Charles University)

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