12-18 May 2019
"Arkadia" hotel
Europe/Kiev timezone

Conference program

May 12, Sunday

11.00-22.00: Registration
16.00: Ballet "Swan Lake" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (Odessa Opera Theatre)

Lunch from Monday, 13 through Saturday, 18: 13.00-14.30,
dinner: 19.00-20.30 (both to be ordered in advance!)

May 13, Monday

8.00-10.00: Registration
10.00-10.15: Opening

Morning session, 10.15-12.00

Chair: Victor Fadin

10.15-10.45 Richard Lednicky (25+5)'
Status of the NICA project

10.45-11.10 Mustafa Schmidt (20+5)'
The PANDA Experiment at FAIR

11.10-11.35 Anton Lymanets (20+5)'
Silicon Tracking System of the CBM Experiment at FAIR

11.35-12.00 Aierke Rymbekova (20+5)'
Study of polarized gluon structure of proton via prompt photon production in the SPD experiment at the NICA collider

Lunch: 13.00-14.30 (and registration, cntd.)

Afternoon session, 14.30-19.00

Chair: Jamal Jalilian-Marian

14.30-14.55 Alejandro Ayala (20+5)'
Superstatistics and the effective QCD phase diagram

14.55-15.20 Grzegorz Wilk (20+5)'
What can be deduced from the multiplicity distributions

15.20-15.45 László P. Csernai (20+5)'
Lambda polarization in peripheral heavy ion collisions

15.45-16.10 Leonid Satarov (20+5)'
Phase transitions and Bose-Einstein condensation in alpha-nucleon matter

16.10-16.30: Coffee break

Chair: László P. Csernai

16.30-16.55 Volodymyr Vovchenko (20+5)'
Towards equation of state of hot QCD at finite baryon density

16.55-17.20 Anton Motornenko (20+5)'
QCD thermodynamics from SU(3) parity doublet quark-hadron chiral model

17.20-17.45 Michael Lublinsky (20+5)'
Entanglement Entropy in High Energy QCD

17.45-18.10 Vladimir Skalozub (20+5)'
Induced color charges, effective gluon-photon-photon vertex in QGP. Application to heavy-ion collisions

18.10-18.35 Michał Szymański (20+5)'
Net-proton number fluctuations at the QCD critical point

19.00-22.00 Welcome party

May 14, Tuesday

Morning session (experiment) 9.00-13.00:

Chair: Alejandro Ayala

9.00-9.25 Sergey Levonian (20+5)'
Rho and Rho' production at HERA

9.25-9.50 Tomas Nosek (20+5)'
Results on Neutrino and Antineutrino Oscillations from the NOvA Experiment

9.50-10.15 Vittorio Paolone (20+5)'
T2K: Recent results and future plans

10.15-10.40 Kota Ueshima (20+5)'

10.40-11.05 Tigran Rostomyan (20+5)'
Recent results and future plans of the MUSE Collaboration

11.05-11.25: Coffee break

Chair: Kota Ueshima

11.25-11.50 Andrzej Bożek (20+5)'
Status and prospects of Belle II experiment

11.50-12.15 Andrea Rappoldi (20+5)
ICARUS: a new challenge within the Fermilab Short Baseline Neutrino Program

12.15-12.40 Vit Vorobel (20+5)'
Latest results from neutrino oscillation experiment Daya Bay

12.40-13.00 Viktoriia Koriukina (15+5)'
Eikonal Approximation in High-Energy Physics

Lunch: 13.00-14.30

Afternoon session: 14.30-16.35

Chair: Wolfgang Schäfer

14.30-14.55 Volodymyr Aushev (20+5)'
Heavy quark production in DIS (Charm and beauty review H1/ZEUS combined)

14.55-15.20 Volodymyr Kotlyar (20+5)'
Polarized charm and bottom quark production in proton-proton collisions at the LHC

15.20-15.45 Szymon Harabasz (20+5)'
Exploring baryon rich QCD matter with HADES and CBM

15.45-16.10 Alexander Korchin (20+5)'
Search for effects beyond the Standard Model in some decays of the Higgs boson

16.10-16.35 Yury Gornushkin (20+5)'
Experiment DsTau - study of tau neutrino production at CERN SPS

16.35-19.00: Odessa tour (sight-seeing)

Wednesday, May 15

Morning session (Theory) 9.00-13.00:

Chair: Alexander Korchin

9.00-9.25 Maciej Trzebinski (20+5)'
Diffractive Physics at the LHC

9.25-9.50 Istvan Szanyi (20+5)'
The shape of the interaction region of colliding protons in a Regge model

9.50-10.15 Victor Fadin (20+5)'
Regge cuts and NNLLA BFKL

10.15-10.40 Magno Machado (20+5)'
Investigation of soft processes within the QCD color dipole picture

10.40-11.00 Taras Zagoskin (15+5)'
A new concept of spin and orbital momentum operators

11.00-11.20: Coffee Break

Chair: Magno Machado

11.20-11.55 Piotr Lebiedowicz (20+5)'
Searching for odderon in exclusive reactions

11.55-12.20 Jiri Prochazka (20+5)'
Models of elastic scattering - possibilities, limitations, assumptions and open questions

12.20-12.45 Wolfgang Schäfer (20+5)'
Recent results on inclusive quarkonium production in pp collisions

Lunch: 13.30-14.30

Afternoon session 14.30-19.00:

Chair: Henryk Sobczuk

14.30-14.55 Rainer Schicker (20+5)'
Central production in proton-proton collisions in ALICE at the LHC

14.55-15.20 Manuel Colocci (20+5)'
Production of light (anti-)nuclei and exotica states in ALICE

15.20-15.45 Fiorella Fionda (20+5)'
Quarkonia measurements with the ALICE experiment at the LHC

15.45-16.10 Katarina Krizkova-Gajdosova (20+5)'
Collectivity in small systems with ALICE

16.10-16.30: Coffee break

Chair: Alexander Zhuk

16.30-16.55 Dominique Dittert (20+5)'
Electromagnetic radiation from Au+Au collisions at 2.4 GeV center of mass energy measured with HADES

16.55-17.20 Evgeny Shulga (20+5)'
Status and prospects of heavy-ion physics at the LHC

17.20-17.45 Andrey Korytov (20+5)'
Status and prospects of Higgs Physics at the LHC

17.45-18.10 Valery Pugatch (20+5)'
Heavy-ion and fixed-target physics in LHCb

18.10-18.35 Charlotte Van Hulse (20+5)'
Central exclusive production in LHCb

Evening: Students' Session (20-23):

Chair: Rainer Schicker

20.00-21.00 Maciej Trzebinski: The PhD Guide to the Experiments in HEP (lecture), (55+5)',
followed by students' posters and/or 10 min. talks:

21.00-21.10 Vasyl Dobishuk (10)'
J/Psi Production in Pb-Pb Ultra-Peripheral Collisions at 5 TeV

21.10-21.20 Oleksandr Sulima (10)'
The nucleation of a quark gluon plasma phase (QGP)

21.20-21.30 Ivan Redkokasha (10)'
The nucleation of a quark gluon plasma phase (QGP)

21.30-21.40 Volodymyr Svintozelskyi (10)'
Glueballs on a Pomeron trajectory

21.40-21.50 Vladyslav Zagrevskyi (10)'
Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab

21.50-22.00 Jelena Mijuskovic

Serhii Koliiev
CP violation in B-meson decay

Nadiia Maslova
B meson decays

Maryna Oleksienko, Maxim Terentiev
Metastable, supercooled nuclear matter

Svetlana Lukashevich
The energy-momentum tensor for a spin 1/2 particle taking into account polarizabilities

Oleksandr Kot
Nuclear modification factors for charmonium production

May 16, Thursday

Morning session (theory) 9.00-13.00:

Chair: László P. Csernai

9.00-9.25 Jamal Jalilian-Marian (20+5)'
Scattering in high energy QCD: particle production from high to low pt and back

9.25-9.50 Alexander Zhuk (20+5)'
Cosmic screening of the gravitational interaction

9.50-10.15 Ezgi Yalçınkaya (20+5)'
Multidimensional scalar-tensor gravity: theory and experiment

10.15-10.40 Anna Uryson (20+5)'
Ultra-high energy cosmic rays from supermassive black holes

10.40-11.00: Coffee break

Chair: Leonid Satarov

11.00-11.25 Ioannis Gkigkitzis (20+5)'
Black Hole Torsion Effect and its Relation to Information

11.25-11.50 Vladimir Burdyuzha (20+5)'
Probable Physics of the First Parts of Second in Life of our Universe

11.50-12.15 Ines Valino (20+5)'
The Pierre Auger Observatory: studying the highest energy frontier 

12.15-13.00 M.I. Ryabov (40+5)'
G. Gamow in Odessa (historical excursus)

Lunch: 13.00-14.30

Afternoon session: 14.30-17.45:

Chair: Valery Pugatch

14.30-14.55 Dezső Horváth (20+5)'
Tests of CPT Invariance at the Antiproton Decelerator of CERN

14.55-15.20 Enrico Bozzo (20+5)'
The THESEUS ESA M5 candidate mission

15.20-15.45 Myroslav Kavatsyuk (20+5)'
The PANDA experiment at FAIR

15.45-16.10 Gustavo Petronilo (20+5)'
Galilean covariance and Spin 1/2 Representations

16.10-16.30: Coffee break

Chair: Wolfgang Schäfer

16.30-16.55 Michaela Schever (20+5)
Status of the Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory

16.55-17.20 Alvina Burgazli (20+5)'
Late stage Universe: cosmological models with interacting and non-interacting perfect fluids and scalar fields

17.20-17.45 Denys Savchenko (20+5)'
The 3.5 keV dark matter candidate line in the Milky Way

19.00-23.00: Conference dinner

May 17, Friday

Morning session 9.00-13.00:

New trends beyond the standard model
Chair: Mustafa Schmidt

9.00-9.25 Florian Fraenkle (20+5)'
The neutrino mass experiment KATRIN

9.25-9.50 Matteo Sanguineti (20+5)'
ANTARES & KM3NeT: the neutrino telescopes in the Mediterranean Sea

9.50-10.15 Sultan Catto (20+5)'
Octonionic Methods in Field Theory

10.15-10.40 Vyacheslav Olyeynik (20+5)'
On particle-like models in vacuum space-times with torsion and nonmetricity tensors

10-40-11:05 Tetiana Obikhod (20+5)'
Computer modeling of the production mode of MSSM Higgs boson

11.05-11.25: Coffee break

Chair: Ezgi Yalçınkaya

11.25-11.50 Oleksandr Kovalenko (20+5)'
Neutral meson measurements with the ALICE experiment

11.50-12.15 Valentina Sola (20+5)'
Precise timing measurement for the CMS upgrade and beyond

12.15-12.40 Volodymyr Gorkavenko (20+5)'
SHiP: Search for Hidden Particles

Lunch: 13.00-14.30


Chair: Sultan Catto

14.30-14.55 Bertrand Laforge (25+5)'
Dark matter searches at the LHC

15.00-15.25 Oleg Kuprash (20+5)'
Study of the hard double-parton scattering contribution to inclusive four-lepton production in pp collisions at 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector

15.25-15.50 Pavlo Minaiev (20+5)'
The electroweak phase transition in spontaneously magnetized plasma

15.50-16.15 Yaroslav Klopot (20+5)'
Non-Abelian axal anomaly, low energy theorem and decays of pseudoscalar mesons

17-19: Tasting local wines

May 18, Saturday

Morning session: 9.00-12.00

Chair: L. Jenkovszky & R. Schicker

9.00-9.25 Krzysztof Ciesla (20+5)'
On the Centrality Determination with Forward Proton Detectors

9.25-9.50 Dmytro Ptashynskyi (20+5)'
Multi-particle fields on a subset of simultaneity

11.10-11.30: Round-table discussion on new trends in high-energy physics
11.30-12.00: Closing

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